You may not know this, but many times your damage can be repaired by using PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) methods.

This in turn is the only way possible to retain the one factory finish your vehicle will ever have.

It is also normally a faster turn around time in the repair process of conventional auto body repair. Some times within an hour for small repairs.

Remember.. Don't paint your car before you ask us about PDR!


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What are major advantages by using PDR over conventional auto body repair and paint work?

1. Retain the only factory finish your vehicle will ever have.

2. Turn around time to have your vehicle back to you. Often same day repair, even within minutes or hours.

3. No parts replacement of original parts that often have matching V.I.N. numbers

4. 100% environmentally safe

5. Retains pre-accident and condition values for trade-in or resale.

6. Helps eliminate damage reports such as Car-Fax

7. Cost effective

8. Approved by all Insurance companies, Dealers, auctions and service lanes